Pull Pressure Force Sensor S type Load Cell
●PPM226-LS2-1 load cells are available in the capacities from 0.1t to 20t. Rugged all steel construction and high performance strain gauges assure superior linearity and stability.
●Temperature compensation is achieved through a miniature circuit board in the cable.
●It features high accuracy and strong character of anti deviated load.
●PPM226-L S2-1 load cells are suitable for Electronic Wsighing In-strument, Lifting equipment, Crane scale, Force rrcasurcricht and control.
Technical Parameters :
Capability 0.1~20 t
Comprehensive precision 0.05%FS
Sensitivity 2.0 mV/V
Creep ±0.05%FS/30min
Zero Output ±1%FS
Temperature effect on zero ±0.05%FS/10ºC
Temperature effect on output ±0.05%FS/10ºC
Operating temperature range -20ºC~+65ºC
Input resistance 380±10Ω
Output resistance 350±3Ω
Insulation resistance >5000MΩ
Safe overload 150%FS
Bridge voltage 10V DC
Material Alloy steel or stainless steel
Protection class IP 65
Electronic connection Input+: Red Input-:Black Output+: Green Output-:White
Dimensions In MM :
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