Hammer Union Pressure Sensor
PPM-T293A special sensor for fracturing truck adopts imported high-quality elastomer and digital processing chip, stainless steel overall package, good moisture-proof and sealing, and has passed thousands of fatigue impact tests before leaving the factory. It has fast dynamic response, high accuracy, anti-vibration and anti-fatigue. , Strong anti-eccentricity, strong structure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics; the product uses a spherical seal, easy installation, easy to use. Provide customized services.
Oil well drilling and servicing, Acidizing, Choke Manifolds, Extraction, Fracturing and Cementing, Service and Cement Trucks, Standpipe.
Technical Parameters :
Tested Media :Wet Soil,Oil,Corrosive liquidand gas
Pressure type :Gauge pressure(G), Sealed pressure(S), Vent Pressure(V)
Full Scale Pressure Range :0~ 5000psi, 6000psi, 0~ 10000psi , 0~ 15000psi , 0~ 20000psi.
Supply Voltage :10-32VDC
Output Signal :4-20mA,0-5VDC,1-5VDC,0-10VDC,3mV/V
Installation :“1502” Hammer Union
Electrical Connection :Aviation connector or Direct outgoing
Combined Accuracy :0.5%FS, 0.25%FS
Long-Term Stability :≤ ± 0.1%FS/Year
Working medium temperature :-40~ +90ºC
Operating Temperature :-40~ +90ºC
Installation Accessories:
Installation Steps:

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