Infrared PIR Sensor Module PPM-HW-05A Infrared PIR Motion Human Sensor
PPM-HW-05A is a pyroelectric infrared sensor that integrates digital intelligent control circuits and human detection sensitive elements in an electromagnetic shield. The human body detection sensitive element replaces the sensed human body movement signal on the digital intelligent integrated circuit chip through a very high sensitivity differential input circuit. The digital intelligent integrated circuit converts the signal into an ADC digital signal. There will be timing REL conversion output. The light sensor is automatically controlled. Sensitivity and time parameters are set by voltage divider resistors. All signal processing is done on the chip.
Integration of PIR probes and conditioning circuits to minimize interference. Someone enters the sensing range and outputs a high level. After leaving the sensing range, the high level delays for a set time before outputting a low level.High level delay time and sensor sensing distance can be adjusted. The enable port can be used to set the sensor on or off, for example, light sensitive control can be added. Wide operating voltage range.
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