Digital Output Sensor And Smart Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter
PPM-T322H series pressure transmitter adopts classic thin-film technology, which has the characteristics of high accuracy, With high accuracy, long working life, wide applicable temperature range, good long-term stability, low power consumption, no hysteresis, and good repeatability. Withstands frequent pressure shocks, vibrations, high overloads, has a high level of anti-cavitation and liquid hammer capabilities, suitable for all kinds of harsh heavy industrial environments.
Electro-hydraulic servo systems and equipment, hydraulic stations, hydraulic machines,experimental machines, various types of heavy machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, wind power hydraulic and pneumatic control, engines, internal combustion engines, diesel engines, heat generating units, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, locomotive braking systems, Hydraulic and pneumatic control equipment, industrial process detection and control.
Technical Parameters :

Measured medium:

gas, liquid and steam (non-corrosive fluid to 316L stainless steel)

Pressure type:

sealed reference pressure, ventilator pressure

Pressure Range:

0 10bar, 16bar, 25bar, 40bar, 60bar, 160bar, 250bar, 400bar, 600bar, 700bar, 1000bar

Power supply:


Built-in amplifier output:

4 20mA, 0 10VDC, 0 5VDC, 1 5VDC, 0.5 4.5 VDC


0.25% FS (10bar, 16bar, 25bar)

0.05% FS (40bar)



0.1% FS

Comprehensive accuracy: 0.5% FS

Accuracy :

0.5% FS

Long-term stability:

0.15% FS / year

Working medium temperature: 

-40 + 125

Working environment temperature:

-40 + 105

Response time:

1ms (10% 90%) typical value

Insulation resistance:

1000 MΩ / 100V

Safe overload pressure:

150% FS (1.5 times full scale)

Breaking pressure:

500% FS (5 times full scale)

Definition of wiring :
Dimensions In MM :
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